Cala Rossa in Favignana

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It is the island most famous bay, where the blue of the sea is breath-taking thanks to its sandy bottom. But there is no beach, and you can access the sea only from the rocks. You have to pedal for a while if you want to reach it, but it is worthwhile. And also the approach is suggestive, because the blue of the sea appears behind the remains of tufa quarries that are shaped like some sort of towers.

To go there from Piazza Madrice, you have better leave the village going eastwards, and follow the indications. In the end, if you have not got lost, you will have cycled for about 4 kilometres, of which the last 700 meters on a dirt road.

The name of cala rossa (red creek) has an historical origin. It is said that the first Punic war was fought in these waters, when the Romans defeated the Carthaginians in 214 B.C.. The naval battle took place in these waters, and so many people died that the sea turned red (hence the name) and there is historical evidence of the event and archaeological finds found in the sea sandy bottom (like rostra, anchors, etc.).

The creek is oriented northwards and should be seen when the wind blows from the south or the Sirocco blows from the south-west.

Around Cala Rossa there are no bars, so if you think of spending the day there, carry something to eat and drink with you.

A photo of the wonderful Cala Rossa, it’s good to bathe here when Sirocco blows

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