Bue Marino

This chapter belongs to the book “Favignana, a guide to places of interest” available on Amazon. The eastern end of the island has a several metre-high coast, and approaching the sea is difficult. The best place, called Bue Marino (monk seal), is a descent to the sea among old tufa quarries. The water in front […]

Cala Rossa in Favignana

Discover Cala Rossa, one of the most wonderful bay of Favignana, there isn’t the beach, but it’s a wonderful natural pool. Read an extract from the book.

Tuna fishing: a kilometre-long trap net

The tuna fishing industry was based on a long net trap, called tonnara, read this example page from the book (available as ebook and paperback).

The story of Florio and the tuna industry

The Florio’s family is strictly linked with the Favignana island. Read a page of the Favignana Guide, available as ebook and paperback.